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Sela Aguglia

Sela Aguglia has worked in the professional nutrition industry for over 15 years. She’s a mother of two children and shares a scary journey about healing her daughter after a PANDAS diagnosis. Traditional doctors told her anti-depressants were the only option, so she dug deeper and here’s what she found to be most helpful.

Books Discussed in this Interview

Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders

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11 thoughts on “Sela Aguglia

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story and all of the resources. Its amazing how so little is known about PANDAS. My son had similar OCD behaviors right after having Strep. Because he was under three dr.’s said he was too young to diagnose now but we were suspicious that it could be that. He would walk back and forth over and over. And this happened over night! We never did get a diagnosis but started some changes of our own. We saw some improvements but he still has extreme anxiety, fears, and does not want to leave the house, on top of other OCD symptoms. I now know to look further and not listen to the doctors and therapists that told us that we as parents are causing our sone to have anxiety.

    1. Jaime, I am so sorry that was the answer you were given and my apologies for not replying sooner. I couldn’t access your comment although I would see it for a split second. Now I’m able. It blows me away that this is such an underdiagnosed condition and that so many say it “doesn’t exist”. Saddens me that in this day and age we have to fight to find answers. Yes, looking into Lyme, mycoplasma, yeast, all Lyme co-infections are very good places to investigate. Prayers to you and your family. I know how hard it is on everyone in the family. Please feel free to get in touch if I can help in any way. Thanks, Sela

  2. If your doctor codes a treatment correctly the insurance company will cover it. Call your insurance company and inquire about the treatment and what codes are covered.
    Many times, a ‘Letter of Medical Necessity’ is required. But the coding absolutely has to be the correct code. A smart doctor can determine the correct code.
    You will need a very smart doctor to write this letter.

  3. I am so sorry you went through such a difficult health crisis with your daughter. There is a great book you might want to read: Brain on Fire of a young woman’s experience with brain inflammation.
    Dr. Franne Berez is a wonderful doctor you have locally, there really was no need to go all the way to New York for treatment. I hope you will work with her as a preventive measure for your daughter. Brain inflammation is hallmarked by aberrant lipid metabolism and phospholipid cellular architecture, this should be addressed. If you had taken your child to a pediatric neurologist immune testing would have been performed and IVIG may have covered, however keep in mind that every time you receive IVIG it contains components of the blood of 1000 donors. The benefits of IVIG last a maximum of 30 days, the full beneficial effects are often not seen until 3 months, and dosing is usually continued for 1 year. There are many natural interventions to eliminate the risks of gamma globulin. You are correct that minimizing toxic exposures including GMO foods is paramount along with consuming organic, paleo food. You are a beautiful, caring mother who stood by your child. God bless you and your little girl.

  4. Sad story but all of us have experienced similar stories, mainly based on doctors’ ignorance -pretending knowing everything-, and refusing to get more educated and thinking “out of the box”. Excellent description to the case. Unfortunately, I cannot find the transcripts of this presentation in the package I already have bought. I wish to receive them as well. Thank you very much.

  5. My son was diagnosed with PANDAS last year. We are doing Homeopathy for detox, along with an array of supplements. I have found these help, however he still has OCD tendencies. After doing lots of research, strange thing is that this disorder was virtually unheard of before the Varicella Vaccine went on the vaccine schedule in 1994/95.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story Sela! My son was diagnosed with PANDAS two years ago as a 10 year old. We were very fortunate to stumble across PANS/PANDAS online when nothing the psychiatrist and therapist were saying was making sense. Our pediatrician was willing to run labs and discovered the high strep titers even though his culture was negative. We found a ND an hour away who has been fantastic in treating our son. We’ve done many of the same protocols, just did IVIG in November and we are seeing gradual healing. He has not returned to baseline, has been out of school for a year and a half, and continues to have impacting anxiety, though his OCD and rages have lessened dramatically, thank goodness! His appetite continues to be low, but he’s not losing weight! I know the courage it takes to deal with this horrific illness and I applaud you for sharing your story to raise awareness. It takes active parents demanding awareness so kids don’t go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. I wish your family health and happiness!

  7. Sela, Thank you for sharing your story. I had never heard of PANDAS before and I couldn’t believe how many similarities my 15 year old son had to your description (afraid to swallow, tics of all sorts, extreme anxiety and fears, asking the same questions up to a few hundred times a day and mostly depersonalization as we just figured out the name of that in the past year- up until now we have always called the episodes “not no where I am episodes”) My son had these symptoms starting at around the age of 2. He has had many health issues including lung problems, hearing loss and epilepsy. I have worked with natural doctors from a very early age and no one has ever mentioned PANDAS. He is doing much better today, he hasn’t had a seizure in 3 years and all of his allergies and lung issues are gone. He started seeing a functional medicine doctor and has gone through extensive testing, but all we really found was a leaky gut. With all the antibiotics and being born a c-section, we weren’t surprised by the leaky gut. We are gluten free and really careful about what we eat. The only issues he still deals with are: anxiety, occasional depersonalization, and occasional tics. I am wondering if it is too late to help him if it is PANDAS? If he has been living with an infection like this for many years, what can be done? We have an appointment with a different functional doctor at the Cleveland Clinic in March and I am praying that we can find some answers. The other really weird part about my story is that I have 3 boys and this is my youngest son but about 2 years ago, my middle son who is now 17 started to show signs of dystonia (a movement disorder). The neurologists have ruled out all major causes like epilepsy and brain tumors and after 6 months of testing and no answers they are just saying that it is dystonia and he will have to live with it. I am not giving up the fight for either of my boys and I can’t thank you enough for mentioning PANDAS and Lyme because I had never thought of either. I will be sharing your story with the functional doctor and I pray that I can get to the bottom of this all for both of my boys. Thank you again.

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