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Paul Thomas, MD

Dr. Thomas graduated with his MD from Dartmouth College Giesel School of Medicine. He completed his three years of pediatric residency at the University of California San Fransisco (Fresno program) and San Diego. Voted by his peers the top teaching resident of the year, he went on to teach and train young doctors from OHSU (Oregon Health Science University) at Emanuel Children’s Hospital in Portland Oregon – where he settled and raised a family of ultimately 10 children (7 adopted).

​Dr. Paul, is and has been board certified and maintained his board certification in Pediatrics since coming out of training in 1988 to the present. He went on to get board certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM) and also by the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).

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37 thoughts on “Paul Thomas, MD

  1. Well done, Dr. Paul Thomas! As a parent who’s child had an acute exposure to pet pesticides from two large dogs- I’m pretty sure she would’ve had reactions from her vaccines had we not held off on them. Our environment is loaded with toxins that we can’t use some of these life saving vaccines! If the government wants to mandate vaccines and ease our fears, then they need to weigh what is more important to the country and their wallets. We need to get rid of so many chemicals that the EPA states is okay to use. Flame retardants are now getting recognized as extremely harmful and much more needs to be done, before I will inject my child with vaccines. There is too much.. when is enough, enough?!

    1. Yes, Lynn, when is enough enough? We do live in a very toxic environment. Somewhere, we have to demand that products get tested before they go to market instead of the other way around.

  2. For Lynn and everyone, comment 1.: Enough will be enough in reality when each person fighting the good fight for environmental and planetary health teaches ten people how to be an effective, low-stress activist; and then each of those ten teaches ten more effectively; and so on. “Each one teach one” might work, but for speedier progress, I’d go with the goal of ten. Networking online, at the grocery line or on errands, wherever, whenever works. Leaving the work to self-serving corporate governments (anywhere) has never worked; they are designed to keep the average parents and kids disempowered (unhealthy) while claiming the opposite.

  3. Wonderful information! Finally a real plan of action for perspective parents, and the science to support it. It’s difficult to walk that line between extremes when it comes to vaccines, and I think Dr. Thomas does an excellent job. I love that he pointed out the potential connection with vaccines and Acetaminophen. I considered myself fairly well versed on the topics of vaccinations prior to watching this, but I have to say I learned A LOT.

    Thank-you for the contribution! 🙂

  4. Thanks for this informative interview. All the interviews have been awesome. This one really shed a light for me on the incidence of autism and the relationship vaccinations may be playing. I work in the field of Birth to 3 and have seen an unbelievable increase in incidence and soft spectrum signs. I’m getting to the point that I’m not surprised anymore. Thank you for shedding a light that is so useful to share with the families I care so deeply about.

  5. Dear doctor Thomas, the reality is that the immune system as well as the nervous-brain system, are immature until the age of 2 1/2 years old. Vaccinations before this period can trigger a lot of chronic diseases later on. I am 67 years old and thanks God, I was no vaccinated and I am in excellent health. My 30-year-old son has autism and he was vaccinated…. Anyway, thank you for your excellent presentation You made a lot of good points and you need also to get forward without being afraid. (Immunologist!)

  6. Thank you for a most energetic and information packed interview. Finally, a clear explanation on vaccines and medication. My ASD son experienced all that “perfect storm” – followed vaccine schedule along with Tylenol and so many other conditions you mentioned. There was a college scare of meningitis. Can hygiene prevent this? Thank you and look forward to learning more from Dr. Thomas!

    1. Happy to have provided you with my information. Basic hygiene goes a long way to prevent contagious infection caused by bacteria or viruses that can cause meningitis.

  7. There is research comparing thousands of non vaccinated/homeopathically covered versus vaccinated children!!! It was carried out for over 25 years at Swinburne University, Australia by Dr Isaac Golden http://www.homstudy.com and yes, it showed many times more asthma, glue ear, cot death etc etc in the vaccinated compared to unvaccinated. Both groups got measles, mumps etc at the SAME RATE – showing about 89% effectiveness for both groups. This is a hugely important trial, please everybody read it and know about it. I know Dr Golden, he is a great practitioner, researcher and lecturer.

  8. Wonderful talk. I wished I researched about vaccines when I got pregnant 3-4 years ago. Now, I would look at my records on what dates vaccines where given to my children. Thank you for the an awesome topic..

  9. Listening in from the UK. I wish we had known the dangers of vaccines when our children were young. They had the lot MMR (many times and boosters) and all the other vaccines. We were browbeaten into haven them and made to feel criminals for even questioning this. Son ended up with leaky gut and auto-immune conditions, allergies, food intolerance – just a totally messed up immune system. The medical profession do not care – they just want to make money. They are so blinkered they cannot see the truth – it is criminal in itself. Who in the UK can one see to get advice?

    1. Peter, not all in the medical profession are motivated by making money. The problem lies more in the medical education system, where we learn more by rote and then, once we are practicing, are faced with conflicting information. Some of us will probe until we can make some sense of what we learned and what we see in our practice. We are all human, some people stay within the lines, some of us don’t. Thanks for your comment.

  10. Oh why oh why did we not know this?
    I am over whelmed by sadness. What have we done with our children.
    We will buy this and share with others but with our Doc, why are not young doc’s not learning this?
    Anger is not the word.
    We have a wonderful son who is 100% disabled.
    We will attempt to detox, and help him heal.
    Mike you have no idea how grateful we are for you efforts and loving care for our children and for future children.

  11. Well done. Dr. Paul provides a “balanced” approach to vaccinate that does not polarized and makes sense. There is no doubt today that there is a problem and our kids are suffering.

  12. Hi Dr Paul . Thank you very much for your talk. As you have mentioned in the talk. my son was typically developing till age 2.5. and then lil bit of speech delay.. and then after MMR second dose. he regressed. I am trying biomed since last 1 and half years.. no improvements. Can you please let me know what else I can do?

  13. Thank you for one of the most interesting talks I’ve heard on this subject and followed for the past 20 years. Your “balanced” approach makes this something we can share and pass on to even the most staunch “Pro vaxers”. The only thing left unsaid, is the massive profits behind vaccinations and how governments have become puppets to these pharmaceutical comapnies.

  14. Great talk. Dr. Paul Thomas is a reflective and genuine professional who puts things clear and honestly and does not abide by any “bible”. He is not afraid to “put his finger on the wound”. Really enlightening. As a University Professor of Psychology, but also as a mother and grandmother, I find this talk of the utmost importance. Thanks!

  15. Hi Dr. Paul, thank you for all the wonderful information! Although my heart aches that we did not know of any of this sooner, I am very happy that doctors like yourself are out there trying to educate others so they do not suffer what some of us already have. Our 4yr old son became Autistic after his 18mo routeen vaccinations (MMR and HepB included, he was behind schedule so his ped caught him up with 11 vaccines in just 2 visits 30 days apart). We are on GAPS now 2.5mo and have already seen some improvement, which we are very excited about. Also seeing a homeopathic Dr. My question to you is… Do you believe in recovery? I know all cases are different and it very much depends on the individual, but is recovery and actual possibility?

    1. Hi Michelle C, as a naturopathic educated practitioner I am having good success with detoxification tailored to the individual’s needs. Natural medicine has many tools available to us to chelate heavy metals and cleanse the body of toxic gunk. The younger the child the higher the chances of complete recovery from autism. You may want to try and find an alternative/integrative practitioner in your area. And a big Thank You to Dr. Paul for such a great presentation, it has opened the eyes of some of my patients!

  16. I really appreciate how you integrate medical knowledge and logic in with everything. I have a question for you. My husband and I recently got diagnosed with adult ADD and ADHD. Obviously our children will have a predisposition to have it. Other than spacing out vaccinations more than we already do, what kind of diet would you recommend for our children and even for us?

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