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Melinda Sharma, PhD

Dr. Melinda Sharma has a PhD in Microbiology & Immunology from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. She was the recipient of honors and awards from the National Institutes of Health and has numerous publications in highly-regarded journals. Dr. Sharma also holds a patent for a discovery she made in the field of cancer immunology.

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9 thoughts on “Melinda Sharma, PhD

  1. Highly inspirational, motivating from a warrior mom. Thank you for a great advice to the parents and your support.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement!! Could I also get a list of your tests , I can email the site you gave

    Thanks so much for your positive encouragement – truly, we CAN never give up searching for answers to help our kids!
    Could I also email your site for a list of the tests. Thanks.

  3. You have an amazing story and journey. I feel like I am just at he beginning of mine and was hoping I can send an email over to the address you provided regarding PANDAS. Thanks for all the helpful information.

  4. Cancer can be due to Celiac which can lower the immune system/nutrients absorb/pH/oxygen. Whole family trees may have Celiac.Regular blood tests and biospies may not work to diagnose Celiac. Cyrex labs may help diagnose Celiac. Celiac can cause autoimmune issues. Preschool may have given a snack of gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO or crumbs and yes mold can hurt. The whole famliy may need the Celiac diet..not just the son. Hair tests/electrodermal tests/Genova tests help me. Augmentin antibiotic helped…Autism went down. Igg was low…did IVIG low dose treatment.Antibiotics may hurt the gut lining and mitochondria and lower the immune system. Zyto scan can show infections…showed I had Herpes 4,6,7, Lyme/coinfections etc.. I am going to take Antiviral homeopathics. The parents gave the viruses to the child and also need treatment? The mom can give Lyme/coinfections to a fetus. Yes…you said you had Lyme. I have Lyme right now..skin is like jello.

    Yes.,.there is always hope and help.Alternative medicine may help people fast. Yes…get rid of processed foods. Any food with a label/certified gluten free/meat basting/some spices/nuts not sold in the shell may have hidden gluten. Eating pure organic foods/good water/exercise/sunlight etc may help., Parent have same issues and may need the same kind of help…same diet/clean out parasites etc.. A tick can have 6 infections in it. Vit C IV or liposomal Vit C and liposomal glutathione help me. Adrenal help may help the immune system and blood sugar etc. Herbals helps me more than antibiotics which hurt me. AL complex, cryptolepis, LDN, Far Infrared Sauna, Oil of oregano, garlic, Banderdol/Teasel etc…strong probiotic…EDTA/DMPS IV chelations and more.

    Thanks for your awesome talk/information. Best wishes.

  5. My son has struggled for 10 yr with mental issues. Do you know of a place I can take his for good evaluation? anywhere? thank you, Mary Horn

  6. My son has struggled for 10 years with mental issues. Do you know of a place he can go for a good evaluation? Anywhere? Inpatient or whatever ? Thank you, Mary Horn

  7. I discovered your blog web site website on the search engines and check several of your early posts. Always sustain up the very excellent operate. I lately additional increase Rss to my MSN News Reader. Looking for toward reading much far more on your part later on!

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