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Maria Rickert Hong

Maria Rickert Hong is a former Wall Street equity research analyst who is now a Certified Holistic Health Counselor. She is the author of the bestselling book, “Almost Autism: Recovering Children from Sensory Processing Disorder, A Reference for Parents and Practitioners.” As a health coach, she helps parents make diet and lifestyle changes to recover their children from symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder, almost autism, autism, PDD-NOS and ADHD. She has recovered her two boys from SPD, asthma, acid reflux and eczema and can be reached at www.MariaRickertHong.com Maria is a board member, Media Director and blogger for Epidemic Answers, a 501(c)3 non-profit that lets parents know that recovery is possible, and is the sponsoring non-profit of The Documenting Hope Project.

Books Discussed in This Interview

Almost Autism: Recovering Children from Sensory Processing Disorder: A Reference for Parents and Practitioners

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6 thoughts on “Maria Rickert Hong

  1. Wow this interview with Maria and Norm was absolutely fabulous. Maria’s journey with her 2 boys provides excellent helpful insights and I cant wait to buy her book. Thankyou to all involved in this summit. Every interview adds another piece to the puzzle.

  2. For Maria Hong: You said something about “Vision Therapy”. This is absolutely necessary because most children with autism have a slight problem with eye alignment. So they might see the world a little bit different from the rest of us. To also mention that the prevalence of total lack of depth perception (i.e. three-dimensional vision) in people with autism is more frequent than in the rest of the population. A simple and cheap test, the Writ test can diagnose this serious disability which interferes with any aspect of the every day life, learning, etc. Unfortunately, eye doctors NEVER take the time to check for this serious vision problem. Because, if it is diagnosed before the age of 12, with a small intervention it can be totally corrected. But, later on, it stays there for life and there is nothing to be done. In my son’s case, his father, a doctor and University professor, always in denial of everything going wrong with his son, was making fun of me, (the refrigerator mother!!!), when I was telling him that our son has a vision problem and I was unable to identify. Sadly, this serious vision problem has been diagnosed at the age of 18, and at that age it was nothing to be done anymore. Glory to Chronic Parental Denial of child’s autism, which runs in ~50% of families having children with autism (usually the fathers are in chronic denial, blaming mothers as usual).

    1. Keep looking for therapists. The brain has neuroplasticity and with dedication, your child can make strides. May take a multi-month, intense approach.

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