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Laura Lagano, MS, RDN, CDN

Laura Lagano, MS, RD, CDN, is a nutritionist and health educator who integrates her classic background as a registered dietitian with cutting-edge training in functional medicine. Laura brings a range of experience in the food and nutrition world to the table. Laura holds a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from SUNY Oneonta and Master of Science in Nutrition Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, where she is currently a doctoral candidate in Nutrition & Health Education. She is both a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist (New York State).

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8 thoughts on “Laura Lagano, MS, RDN, CDN

  1. What is the name or contact info for the edibles you mention that are gluten free and sugar free? What is the name of the chocolate edible used with the elderly.
    Would be great to give a resource list!

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