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Elizabeth Mumper, MD, FAAP

Dr. Mumper is President and CEO of The RIMLAND Center. Dr. Mumper graduated magna cum laude from Bridgewater College with a degree in General Science. She attended the Medical College of Virginia, did residency training at the University of Massachusetts and University of Virginia, and was invited to serve as Chief Resident of Pediatrics at UVA. She spent over a decade as Director of Pediatric Education at the Lynchburg Family Practice Residency Program and maintained a clinical faculty appointment at the University of Virginia for 16 years. She served as Medical Director of the Autism Research Institute for five years.

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15 thoughts on “Elizabeth Mumper, MD, FAAP

  1. I love Dr Mumpers approach to paediatrics, it was really interesting to hear her approach to vaccinations and nutritional deficiencies. It is something I really subscribe to. Listening to the mum is so important
    and her relationship with her child is paramount.

  2. I wish I could take my asd son to a pediatrician like her. I just don’t have access to this kind of care financially. I hope this is the future of pediatrics and I wish I could get this kind of care at my son’s Doctor where insurance covers his visits and treatments. Is there a way I could find a pediatrician like this in Charlotte NC?

    1. Finding (and then affording) somebody who gets it like this can be tricky, but much can be learned by a simple yet determined parent, (especially thanks to things like this summit). 🙂 This book above helped me. Sometimes something as simple as noting all the constant white spots on the nails and adding a steady, small amount of zinc to the diet can be something (or was for us). Food sources are a good way to be sure we are doing no harm until we can get help from a professional, but even too much of certain healthy foods (like with salycilates?) can cause problems, so we have to keep track and a very keen eye. B-complex can also help, but then too much can eventually worsen things for people who “overmethylate.” The methylation cycle is so tricky to try to really grasp, I think maybe even for doctors. With my son, keeping him away from BHT and certain food dyes and sugar was huge. (All can cause brain inflammation). I can really offer no advice but certainly wish anyone well who is a parent really beginning to look for answers. Good luck on your journey. 🙂

  3. Kudos to Dr Mumper
    Lovey fireplace chat and very valuable practical tips are shared, which a lot of Doctors like myself and NP’s and PA’s who are helping the patients can use in a typical day – Thanks again

  4. Very warm and generous physician who shared her many interseting and clinically useful experiences and suggestions with the audience .

  5. Dr. Mumper has made a big difference in the life of my son – we are thankful that she stepped out of traditional medicine to make a real difference in the world. Great interview!

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